There are a whole host of events in the UK in 2017 which are ideal for a VW campervan hire.

There is no better entrance: pitching up at a festival or event in a classic, retro cool, campervan. It goes without saying: you're probably going to be the comfiest person there, and your retro experience begins the moment you get the keys and begin your journey in your fantastically quirky VW Campervan. You will be amazed at the reception you get on the road as people wave, honk horns and generally admire you and your Campervan.

VW Campervan for Glastonbury

"It is over a decade since I last went to Glastonbury. So this year with my daughter now old enough to take along, we decided to take our family holiday at the festival. The weather of June 2007 now firmly has its place in weather history as the wettest ever since records began. Despite the 100 acres of mud and torrential rain we never had a single leak, we had a warm and dry little sanctuary in the middle of all the mayhem, our friends in the tents did not fare so well and trench digging became necessary"   Lucy China


The Goldcoast Festival in a Campervan

"We camped for 3 nights at Croyde Bay, for the Goldcoast Oceanfest Festival, in very wet & windy weather - then travelled across to Cloud farm near Lynton, which was very picturesque down in the valley! (and only '11 a night!). We enjoyed every minute of our trip - especially laughing at all the proper campers as they tried putting their tents up in the Gale force winds (whilst we were snug in Jackie Brown sipping tea and cooking sausages!)" Will Ball


Our Glastonbury Gladiator

"Wednesday the 28th June 2014 was the day, the countdown on the app read 0 days and 0 hours to go and I was driving up the hill from Okehampton High Street to meet our Glastonbury Gladiator! Spartacus stood proudly, waiting patiently for his next adventure, I was not as controlled as jumped about with anticipation and excitement in getting behind the wheel! It wasn't long before we were off, Spartacus and I sped (slowly!) up the A30 with my fabulous dad behind us, desperate to overtake but enjoying seeing me realise a dream of driving a vintage VW campervan. Not just any vintage VW campervan, Spartacus, with his bright yellow paintwork and amazing beepy horn, the perfect home for a weekend of festival fun at Glastonbury 2014! Sparty and I picked up the rest of our intrepid travellers (my sister, her husband and my fiance) and off we went, beeping all the way to the beautiful Somerset fields that would play host to the most amazing weekend of our lives: with Sparty as our guest of honor! Spartacus was, our little piece of sunshine after we were drenched on the Friday and our haven of tranquility when the festival craziness got too much. We cooked, we relaxed, we partied and of course had 40 winks every now and then on our very comfy beds! Thank you Spartacus for being our Glastonbury Gladiator!   Tracy Andrews


The Advantages of a campervan

Stay Dry at the festival

English festivals are renowned for their sinking mud and rainy weather and we have no reason to expect that this year will be any different. For some people that is half of the appeal! Sometimes getting muddy and being silly is great fun; but if you feel like having a drier, cleaner experience this time (or have a partner who does) then a VW Campervan is exactly the thing for you.

All of our campers are looked after by our in-house mechanic and are in tip top leak-free order, so you can be confident of a cosy, dry, snooze following the day's festivities.


Can you ever remember being comfortable on a camping mat? No, neither can we! Can you ever remember feeling like part of the 'action' from a hotel outside the grounds of the gig? No? We can't remember that, either.

All our campervans provide amazing comfort and some can accommodate up to 6 people. So a whole family can sleep in comfort. No more aching backs and lumpy floor mats for you!

Cooking and Food Money

Often, the best festival food you can hope for is a kebab-van-burger or vastly over-priced fish & chips. Not so with a campervan!

All of our campervans have storage for non-perishables, and a perfectly functional kitchen any chef would be proud to use. You can easily produce tasty dishes on the gas stoves, from seafood pastas to pan-fried steak and mash.

So if you like your food to cost less and taste better, then grab a VW campervan, and hit the Festivals in 2017, in style.