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Motorhomes at O'Connors Campers

by Zoe | Thursday 9th February, 2017

Motorhomes at O'Connors Campers

If you have hired a motorhome before, you'll be familiar with the process detailed below. We want all our hirers to collect a clean, tidy vehicle that is ready on time with all it's widgets functioning soundly. So we have to get a bit strict to ensure everyone recieves the same service.

Return time

Your motorhome is due back at our workshop at 10am. There are plenty of campsites closeby to make this easily achieveable. If you return late it may impact on the next hirers' holiday plans so please be aware our timings are in place for a reason and need to be adhered to. 


We dont expect you to wash the van outside before you bring it back but we do expect the interior to be returned in its pre-hire condition. We include a full cleaning kit and on-board vacuum cleaner for this purpose. In the event of the van being returned with the interior in poor condition, a flat 'extra cleaning charge' of £75 will be deducted from your security deposit. 

Waste Removal

The toilet cassette and waste water must be emptied at your final campsite before the van is returned to us. We have no facility for emptying toilet waste at the workshop, therefore vans returned with a full cassette will incur a £50 surcharge.


Mileage is logged at the start and end of your trip and your total mileage calculated when you bring the van back. Your allowance is 1400 miles per week (or 200 miles per day for a short hire). Any extra additional mileage is charged at 50p per mile.

We include 2 bottles of propane gaz. One of these will be attached and may be partially full. Any extra bottles required can be obtained by swapping the empty bottle for a full one. This service is available at larger campsites. It is the responsibiltiy of the hirer to purchase extra gaz if required. No refunds will be made for partially full bottles on return.

European Cover (£15 per day)

If you are planning an escape to somewhere hot and sunny or a snowy winter skiing break then you will need the extra insurance and roadside cover included in this option. We will also pop in all other items such as warning triangle and high visibility vest that are a legal requirement on the continent so that you can relax in the knowledge that you are fully covered.

You are free to wander where you will just simply let us know in advance which countries you are planning to visit and we will make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that you have the correct cover in place. Your mileage allowance is 1400 miles per week.

Security Deposit £1000

This amount is payable on collection. £1000 is held during your hire and refunded once the van is returned to us on time, in it's pre-hire condition, refilled with fuel, thoroughly clean inside and with waste water & toilet cassette emptied.

Age Restrictions

Our new motorhomes can only be insured if you are over 23 years old, so do make sure you fit the profile required before you plan your European tour in one of these vehicles. You'll need to be driving on a full, clean, UK license and to have held your license for more than two years. If you have any driving endorsements, you need to let us know in advance. These will incur a small extra daily charge. All drivers are subject to a full DVLA check on collection, which will display any current endorsements. If you hold a foreign license, there is an extra insurance charge of £2.50, per driver, per day.

If you are over 23 years (but under 25 years old), the drivers excess is raised to £800, which cannot be reduced using our regular Collision Damage Waiver options. There is also a young driver charge of £5 per day. We cannot hire to students, so you'll need to be in full time employment.

Inspection & Return

The motorhome will be fully inspected on collection and return by one of the team. Please let us know if you have mislaid anything, caused accidental damage or broken anything inside the van. Your security deposit will be refunded on safe return of the vehicle, minus any expenses, which will be discussed beforehand.


We will agree the fuel level with you on collection. The fuel level should be the same on return. A lower fuel level will incure a charge (missing fuel cost, plus £25 refilling charge).

If we can help to clarify any of the points above please do get in touch.

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on Thursday 9th February, 2017
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