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One DOES fit all!!!

by Alison McLaughlin | Monday 25th August, 2014

One DOES fit all!!!

'Hmmm now what should we do with a family of six with an age range of 4 to 66 this summer?' This was the question on our red wine stained lips at 1am one May Bank Holiday. A villa in Tuscany? A luxury beach side apartment in Abersoch perhaps? No, too boring we cried! Now one week in a VW camper around the Cornish Coast, a chance to bond...grow together ....reconnect as a family. Thanks O'Connors this picture shows that....One size it DOES fit all! With thanks to O'Connors and Spartacus: The Bridge/McLaughlin family (Jul 2014).

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on Monday 25th August, 2014
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