We all love Man's best friend, but when it comes to holidaying things can be a little 'ruff'. Instilling trust in a local dog sitter or arranging a placement for your pooch in the local kennel can not only cost a fortune and be a massive inconvenience, but the guilt of leaving them behind can end up tarnishing your break.

The growing popularity of campervan holidays are combating the issue with many campsites and associated businesses warmly welcoming your furry compadres. But before you start gallivanting across the country in your chariot of canine convenience, it's important that you're all set for the journey!

Packing the necessities

When taking your pooch away with you, it's important that you pack the right gear to ensure your break is as stress-free as can be. Here's a list of a few must-haves:

  • Sturdy lead
  • Crate/Kennel or dog seat belt (yes they do exist!)
  • Fresh water (don't rely on natural water sources for your hounds hydration, there's danger of picking up illnesses which will make for one melancholy mutt)
  • Water bowls
  • Favourite toys (to keep them occupied on the journey and day trips)
  • Treats
  • Dog bed or blanket
  • Medications and medical records

Trust us, when you see the extortionate service station prices, you'll beagle-ad you prepped and packed everything beforehand.

Before you set off...

Before deciding to travel with your pooch, it's important that they're well trained and appropriately socialised. Puppies especially might find new surroundings overwhelming, so it's best to wait until they're several months old before deciding to travel. And not to put a downer on things, emergencies don't just happen at home, so it's always best to prepare for the worst. Prior to your travels, find out where the local veterinary practices are in the vicinity of your destination. This is especially important if you're travelling to rural areas of the country where ample phone signal is lacking. Although finding a dog friendly campervan hire is made easy with O'Connors Campers, it's also important to find a campsite that's just as accommodating, take a look at a list of 'pets allowed' campsites here.

If you're planning to travel further afield or if your pooch is just a pup then they may need vaccinations to ensure they don't fall ill from foreign bugs. Visit or contact your local vets to seek advice on any precautionary measures you may need to take just before your jaunt.

While you're there...

Although we have to add the disclaimer that not allowing routine to slip, by ensuring your dog eats at regular intervals and receives the required amount of exercise. It's important to remember you're both there to have fun so try and include your furry friend in as many activities as possible. You'd be surprised at the plethora of activities you can do with your dog, from going for dig on the beach, climbing a mountain, swimming in the sea, going for a woodland walk to even teaching your pooch how to surf - the possibilities are truly endless.

If you think that a campervan break with your canine companion is just what the doctor (or vet!) ordered. Then take a look at our campervans for hire. Whether you want a retro bright yellow VW camper or a high-tech haven in the shape of the VW California - we've got a campervan for any occasion and for all of your friends: whether they're on two legs or four.