About us

We’ve welcomed over 9,000 families since 2002

Dedicated to making your holiday one to remember

O’Connors Campers is a full-time, busy holiday company on the edge of glorious Dartmoor. We are a team of VW enthusiasts who are dedicated to making your campervan or motorhome holiday one to remember.

We’ve been hiring out VW campervans and Motorhomes for holidays since 2002 so we have a wealth of experience to offer. We’ve welcomed over 9,000 families so we know which ingredients make a successful campervan or motorhome trip! You can find all sorts of information about where to go and what to do with your campervan on our website and we are always happy to discuss any extra details, as required. Do get in touch and we we’ll be happy to help or if you are in the area stop by for a friendly cuppa and look at the vans! 

Our team are here to help


Spends most of his time keeping our Classic Campervans in tip-top condition.

Mr Clumpty

The company dog. Don’t put your sandwiches down for even a minute as he will gulp them down in one chomp!


Looks after all our customers and their bookings so if you have a question…!


In charge of marketing and gets to introduce celebs such as Mary Berry to our campervans!


He is an expert welder and just loves a campervan restoration. Never seen without a cuppa!


Looks after everybody and everything. Always there to help!

A few stories: Our very own Scouting for Girls song and a 12 week ride for the Olympic torch!

We’ve got more stories than we can put on a single page, but one of our favourites has to be when Roy Stride from Scouting for Girls wrote a special campervan song (The VW Campervan Summer Song) after holidaying in one of our vans. It’s not everyday that happens!

Lisa Faulkner also spent several weeks filming a series called Holiday Home Sweet Home for ITV that showcased our gorgeous vans around the world; we still get Aussies calling up to book one of our campers!

And top everything, Visit England called us up and asked if Rosie our campervan could follow the Olympic Flame around Britain for 12 weeks, ending in the Tower of London! What a day!