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Batty Adventures

by Gill Cummings | Thursday 18th July, 2013

Batty Adventures

We have recently returned from an adventure in Batty, we had arranged to hire him last year so hubby and Batty could celebrate their 50th Birthdays together but Batty had other idea’s and off he went to be a TV star! Barbarossa was substituted in and stepped up to the mark admirably. Kindly, Penny, Zoe and the team made sure that we could have Batty this year and being “old hands” now at the ageing campervan lark we were up and off in no time on our new adventure already feeling part of the VW campervan gang. Batty and Barbarossa do turn heads and there seems to be something about the old split screen campers that makes people smile and want to come over and say hello that we never get when caravanning (sorry I know that’s a naughty word) we met some lovely people,. Being a TV star hasn’t gone to Batty’s head, he was ‘papped’ a couple of times but he took it all in his stride. It’s my turn now and as I have a thing for anything Lime Green, watch out Noddy – you could be next!

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on Thursday 18th July, 2013
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