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Batty - I miss you !

by Ann Nottage | Monday 9th June, 2014

Batty - I miss you !

A week ago tonight I arrived at Dennis Cove, Padstow for my first nights sleep in Batty. What a wonderful experience. I miss him. I miss the gears. (esp the challenge of 1 and 3), the ruggedness and noise of the drive, fellow campers admiring him and the smiles and waves as I drove around Devon and Cornwall. I left O'connors scared silly and looking like a rabbit in headlights. Five days later I returned chilled and with a very broad grin. What a journey, what an experience. Unbelievably good fun. As I climbed into my Citroen C1 to return home, it wasn't the gears that gave me grief, it was how low to the ground and how small my car was in comparison. It is amazing how you adjust but my life will never be the same again. Take care Batty. See you again soon.

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on Monday 9th June, 2014
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