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Happy New O'Connors Campers!

by penny | Wednesday 16th November, 2011

Happy New O'Connors Campers!

So, talking of competitions we have some big news...Penny and Paul are feeling that they have won the best competition in the whole wide world by becoming the very proud new owners of O'Connors Campers!! They are still walking around in a daze with silly grins on their faces stroking all the gorgeous campervans lined up in the workshop!! As soon as they come down from their fluffy little cloud 9's I'm sure they would want to say a huge big thank you to the brilliant Sam and Pete who have done such an amazing job and made O'Connors Campers the fab place it is today, we'll miss you guys.... Thanks also to all of the amazing, quirky, funny, interesting and quite frankly rather funky people, big and small, who visit this little corner of Devon heaven. We love your blogs, videos, pics, emails and calls, keep them coming - it's you guys who make this place so special (and of course our wonderful campervans who are all looking rather suprised and faintly pleased at all the fussing coming their way from the new owners!!) Stay in touch everyone for more exciting news coming soon from the blissed out newbies at O'Connors....

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on Wednesday 16th November, 2011
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