Mr Orange brightens up the rainiest of days!

Merlin’s Cave in Tintagel Radio 2 Outstanding views from the cliffs of Bude Rain soaked adventures throughout Amazing Cream Tea in Padstow Never wanted to give him back! Gorgeous Cornish Pasty in Bude Excellent facilities at Bude Meadows Touring Park It’s Laura’s second time holidaying with Mr Orange, the two years apart have been long!

I, myself have finally been introduced to the legend! It’s safe to say he lived up to the high praise. As soon as we arrived at O’Connors and saw Mr Orange parked up with his friends I was overwhelmed by how much character and charm the old chap had.

For Laura it was like meeting up with an old friend. His doors opened like welcoming open arms and we were given a tour of what he had to offer as well as some subtle warnings about the his “quirks”. It felt like I was being introduced to a person rather than a machine.

You can immediately tell O’Connors are passionate about the vans and they spread the love the minute they begin talking about the vans. We could talk about the holiday and Mr Orange all day and all night but we’ve decided to share our top 5 favorite experiences we had throughout the holiday. 1.Driving Mr Orange is a unique experience.

He handles and performs nothing like I’ve ever driven before. His “flaws” are what makes him a very special machine to drive. 2.We liked being able to look out the window while driving, appreciating the beautiful scenery as we drove along. 3.There’s a special charm sitting in the cold, huddled up trying to keep warm while waiting for the kettle to whistle. 4.We liked knowing that everywhere we went, all our possessions were with us so we were prepared for any weather and any situation. 5.The unspoken respect that comes with driving a VW Camper from other VDubbers.

For us it was a perfect holiday. We felt sad to leave Mr Orange and come home without him. We will definitely see him again 🙂

By Dom Hallam & Laura Mills.

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