Noddy Windsor our lime green superstar!

When my Husband Andy said “What would you like to do for your 40th birthday” there was only one answer…. Hire a VW Campervan and go round Cornwall… I think he was a bit surprised I didn’t go down the safari in Kenya route. But I have to say I am so glad I didn’t. I think I definitely made the right choice!

We picked Noddy up on the 22nd and after a few tips about driving him with his brand new spanking engine off we went. Our first port of call was Tintagel. We only parked him up for 5 minutes while we got provisions but when we came out the shop there were already a group of men round him taking his photo.

On Monday we took (or rather Noddy took us) to Watergate Bay for breakfast at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant. My other birthday surprise that day was that of a “Zoo Keeper for the Day” at Newquay Zoo which I would highly recommend, as we literally came face to face with a very grumpy male lion and I was also able to feed the lemurs, penguins and a variety of other animals as well as one to one chats with the keepers.

Noddy then took us on a road trip around Cornwall to places like Perranporth, Falmouth, St Ives, Fowey and the amazing (if not rather misty) Lost Gardens of Heligan (which happens to be one of my favourite places in the world) turning heads and getting lots of waves and smiles from all he passed.

His shiny greeness got us quite noticed and we have met some very lovely and friendly people who have also come over to say hello to Noddy and us at the campsites we have stayed on. He is somewhat a celebrity and we affectionately came to know him as the “Nodd-Ster” and would like to thank our “lime green superstar” for such a fantastic holiday!!!

By Claire and Andy Jayes

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