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O'Connors Campers versus Pulse 8

by Sam | Wednesday 30th April, 2008

O'Connors Campers versus Pulse 8

Pulse 8, our brilliant website designers, recently invited us for a Go-Karting night out in Exeter. Zoe, Lindsey, Pete, Tim, Dave, James and I were all looking forward to thrashing everyone there. We believed that with our enormous amount of previous experience (none) and our natural driving talents, we would wipe the floor! Oh how wrong we were! Pulse 8 proved to be the winning team and they have invited us back, just so that they can thrash us again. So kind of them! We all had a great time and Dave and James are even talking about having a few practice sessions before the next meet. Thanks to Darren, James and Matt for arranging such a good night! Sam P.S. The photo is of our likely lads Pete, Tim, Dave and James preparing for action!

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on Wednesday 30th April, 2008
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