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Ordell makes Phil's Dream Come True

by zoe | Sunday 23rd October, 2011

Ordell makes Phil's Dream Come True

Phil Taylor and Sue took Ordell out for a week recently and have written an article about their holiday in the Me Supplement of The Cumberland News on Friday, 21st October. Phil said (in an email to us on Friday): "Sue and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit. In fact, I can safely say it was one of the most enjoyable travel trips I've been on in all my 29 years as a journalist. Can I also just say how nice and helpful yourself, Peter and Melissa were to us and we really enjoyed our trip. I fervently hope our paths will cross again and we will definitely pop in to say hello if we're back in the Okehampton area." I include a quote from the article below because Zoe features in it and we think she deserves the odd moment of glory. "On the last full day we headed back into Devon across the beautiful Dartmoor national park and camped at a nice little site at Bridestowe called The Glebes. By now I was confidently handling the VW, tackling hairpin bends and dodgy Cornish cambers with all the aplomb of Christine – er, Lewis – Hamilton. But come Friday morning, with a heavy heart, we returned Ordell back to his base at Okehampton. “Some people have actually burst into tears when they’ve handed back the keys,” said Zoe in the office. “People grow so attached to them in just a week. Many rebook the same vehicle every year.” I know it would appear we are bragging - I think you could be right. But we have all read Phil's article and email and they brought a smile to all our faces. The feedback from our customers, the stories in the visitor books, the blogs, all make us remember why we are doing this!

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on Sunday 23rd October, 2011
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