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Ordell ... or how it was for us

by Lin and Nick Atkinson | Monday 2nd April, 2007

Ordell ... or how it was for us

You always remember the first time, or so they say, and the Camper Van experience will certainly stay with us. Our March weekend was full of laughs, mostly related to trying to find second gear, or forgetting to put the roof up, or the crockery falling out of the cupboards on the steep bends, or waving to a surprising number of other VW vans on the run to the sun, and back. The magic of the Lizard coast and Helford river in early spring is joy enough for anyone. We found an excellent site at Little Trevothan, Coverack that was open in March (many aren't) so could make use of the electric link up and the fan heater so thoughtfully provided in the van! We would love to have strapped the surf boards to the roof, but in March and nearing our 7th decade, and how do you dry the wetsuits, this was a 60s fantasy too far. Great service and encouragement from O'Connors - just go for it if you are reading this with that idea in mind

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on Monday 2nd April, 2007
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