Ordell’s adventure with ‘The Wiltons’

What a fantastic time Ordell gave us, we can’t wait to go away again. We travelled to 5 different camps, travelling 214 miles in 7 days. We left O’Connors with the windows down, looking cool with ‘The Beach Boys’ CD playing. However, for the first 1/2 hour, that was not the case. Mike was cursing the gears and we went the wrong way!! Many tears of laughter were shared with gear changing, especially 3rd to 2nd. Ordell was the centre of attention for the whole week with other campers wanting to explore his interior! We have been admiring some of the other campervans to see who we would like to share our adventures with next time. Thank you again Ordell. Keeeeeep driving 🙂

By Jayne, Mike & Erin Wilton

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