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Our Glastonbury Gladiator

by Tracy Andrews | Tuesday 1st July, 2014

Our Glastonbury Gladiator

Wednesday the 28th June 2014 was the day, the countdown on the app read 0 days and 0 hours to go and I was driving up the hill from Okehampton High Street to meet our Glastonbury Gladiator! Spartacus stood proudly, waiting patiently for his next adventure, I was not as controlled as jumped about with anticipation and excitement in getting behind the wheel! It wasn't long before we were off, Spartacus and I sped (slowly!) up the A30 with my fabulous dad behind us, desperate to overtake but enjoying seeing me realise a dream of driving a vintage VW campervan. Not just any vintage VW campervan, Spartacus, with his bright yellow paintwork and amazing beepy horn, the perfect home for a weekend of festival fun at Glastonbury 2014! Sparty and I picked up the rest of our intrepid travellers (my sister, her husband and my fiance) and off we went, beeping all the way to the beautiful Somerset fields that would play host to the most amazing weekend of our lives: with Sparty as our guest of honor! Spartacus was, our little piece of sunshine after we were drenched on the Friday and our haven of tranquility when the festival craziness got too much. We cooked, we relaxed, we partied and of course had 40 winks every now and then on our very comfy beds! Thank you Spartacus for being our Glastonbury Gladiator!

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on Tuesday 1st July, 2014
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