Our slice of Battenburg

We shared our slice of Battenburg on a beautiful Easter Bank Holiday weekend, and it all started with a great welcoming smile from the O’Conners Campers team! (Happy Birthday Zoe, hope you also enjoyed your cake!) After getting the hang of driving Batty and understanding how to find third gear, first stop was the Cobb at Lyme Regis for lunch, followed by a sea front parking space and an ice cream at Swanage.

Batty was admired by all, and it’s great to see the other VW campers wave with joy at each other! Even when the weather wasn’t great! Second day we ventured up to Portland Bill and sat and had lunch inside the not-so-windy camper much to everyone else’s envy! Nothing could beat the views of the coastline and lighthouse, and here we wondered if anyone else had taken Batty on the adventures we had, so we had a read of the visitors book. Batty was perfect for our venture, and kept going and going, nothing will stop his determination to give everyone a good time, and he sure did us proud. Monday came and it was time to return Batty back home.

He didn’t want to start back up after refuelling, and we knew this was a little indication that he’d miss us. And we do miss him, so much so it was a quiet drive back to Surrey. But we of course have amazing memories, and am so glad we did everything we planned to. Keep rolling Batty, and see you around

By Sarah Smithers

About Us

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