Save money by cooking in your VW Campervan!

When planning the cost of your family holiday most of us will grimly accept that the bill for all those snacks, drinks and cups of tea might be quite steep. Though we might cheerfully venture out for supper at a pub or restaurant, the additional bill for breakfast, lunch and all the other snack stops really adds up.

But what’s the alternative? The VW Campervan or motorhome holiday offers a money saving option: the possibility of preparing and cooking food in the van. Your holiday kitchen on wheels!

All our retro campervans are equipped with a two-burner hob and mini fridge or coolbox, whilst our newer models have larger, modern fridges. Make sure you stock up on non-perishables at the beginning, then pick up local delicacies along the way from farm shops and markets. This allows you to enjoy the local produce on offer as you travel. Keep an eye out for home-made loaf cakes, sausages, bread and eggs from farm shops and markets. Instead of queuing for a table in a busy café, park in a scenic location and get the kettle on. The kids can grab a cold drink and an apple and have a run around. For those of you hoping to avoid the sugar overload with their kids, this is really effective. No temptation from café displays of cakes and choccy bars and no arguments! How many of us have given in to unnecessary sugary snacks and sweets just to avoid a meltdown?

If you are really organised you might have some cans of soup, pasta and sandwich fillings on standby, ready for lunch. And don’t forget, a hot choccy made in the van is a real treat after a bracing walk or a dip in the sea.

With a little forward planning you can produce some great meals your family will enjoy. Pack pasta sauces, herbs, salad dressing and oil. Bring along pasta and Arborio rice. Grate a zip-lock bag of cheese to save time later. Think about what you might create on a two-burner hob…

  • Risotto
  • Cooked breakfast
  • Fried sausages and bacon to fill rolls or croissants
  • Mushroom omelette
  • Pan-seared fish and new potatoes
  • Tuna pasta or a creamy carbonara

The possibilities are endless and you’ll feel ever-so-clever having saved some £s and made the most of the facilities in your van. Don’t be surprised if you get a few envious glances at the beach when you tuck into home-made hot dogs.

And remember: the washing up is a family activity too. So, get the kids involved. Family team-building at its best!

Take a look at our Pinterest Page of Campervan Cooking ideas here for a little more inspiration.

Update: I have just discovered The Hedgecombers – a fabulous Cornish food writer! Janie creates and demonstrates delicious recipes in her very own campervan. This is a must-visit website if you are wondering how you might handle some VW Campervan cooking on your holiday. Or simply inspiring for supper ideas. Go see! 

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