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The Barbarossa experience

by frances hawkes | Tuesday 5th August, 2014

The Barbarossa experience

Barbarossa was the perfect gentleman... He's a little older than the other vans and shuffles up the hills at his own pace but wow what a fabulous experience. We hired him for four nights at the end of July and stayed on a campsite in the Newquay area. It was like being part of a club I didn't realise existed! Other VW camper vans would wave as you drove past them. You turn so many heads as you pass. The sleeping was a lot more comfortable than I'd expected and the 'safari' style opening roof meant you could lay back and enjoy the stars at night, the on board facilities' were great too. We travelled around the area daily without any issues and met lots of lovely people, many of whom owned or had previously owned a VW camper, and were enjoying, and even envying our little van. The funniest part was when one of the national trust attendants recognised Barbarossa from one of his previous visits, mind you he isn't easy to forget!! I really grew attached and felt quite sad giving him back!! I would definitely repeat the experience and recommend it to all! Thanks to the O'Conner campers team for a fab experience and good luck for the future F xxxx

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on Tuesday 5th August, 2014
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