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VW Wedding!

by Sarah & Patrick Blatchford | Thursday 24th October, 2013

VW Wedding!

My partner and I have always shared a love of old VW campers. On the day before our wedding my husband to be, surprised me with "Wolverine" the VW Camper. He had hired him for the weekend and mini moon! I was chuffed to say the least! We travelled down in Wolverine to St Ives, Cornwall where our wedding was taking place and was able to have photos taken with Wolverine which was great! Our wedding cake topper was a model of VW Camper scarily similar to Wolverine! Having the real thing on the day was brilliant! We then spent our mini moon travelling around Cornwall, from Lands End along the Atlantic Highway back up to our home in Launceston! It was a fabulous trip and it made our wedding and mini moon an even more special experience, I would recommend it to anyone and we will be back for more!

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on Thursday 24th October, 2013
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