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Wellies, mud and sunshine.

by Karen Sachon | Monday 16th July, 2012

Wellies, mud and sunshine.

Last minute, on the road with Eddie. Something we have dreamed of doing for years and never pulled the stops out to sort! En route we picked up fish and chips from Kempley Road, Okehampton, despite Patrick's concerns about parking in town after the downhill run from O'Connors! All was well and we toddled off towards Cookworthy forest on the way to Budemeadows to meet friends. Despite pouring rain we were cosy and snug for our picnic. Eddie even provided us with cups of tea! Eddie was very much admired by everyone who spoke to us. Think if everyone could then the world would drive VW Camper vans. We switched back in time, and were somewhere in 1970. Patrick's driving adapted and he felt comfortable after 40 mins or so. The children loved sitting on Eddie's step and we all enjoyed the post bodyboarding lemon cake whilst the sun broke through at Widemouth Bay on Saturday afternoon. We finished off our short break with a picnic at Duckpool, where Eddie sheltered us from the onshore wind, allowing us to see the stunning view and feel the warm sun. Thanks Eddie, see you again one day.

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on Monday 16th July, 2012
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