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Why Hire a VW Classic Campervan?

by Zoe | Wednesday 9th March, 2016

Why Hire a VW Classic Campervan?

Why Hire a Classic VW Campervan?

Why not a caravan? Or just use a tent? It’s just camping after all. Isn’t it?

Well think of your VW Campervan as your multi-tasking hero: a bit like a Swiss army knife with a little more kerb appeal. It’s not just a place to lay your head or an eye-catching set of wheels. Your campervan adventure is so much more than that.

Without being even vaguely high-tech, these tiny tardis-like buses are rather impressive. They have a small yet fully formed kitchen to prepare your supper; a mini fridge to keep a few beers chilled and comfy beds to keep you cosy. Pitch up: open the roof. Job done. Suddenly setting up camp takes a few minutes rather than hours of stressful wrestling with tent poles. Of course, you can hire one of our free-standing awnings too, if you like that sort of thing!

Freedom to explore. While it’s always advisable to book a campsite in peak holiday times, you can also choose go where the mood (and weather) takes you. It’s lovely to stay more than one night if you find a particularly good campsite. And I love the promise of planning the next day’s adventures while we sit around the campfire. Weather not good on the moor? Chances are it might be better on the coast. Chase the sunshine in your van and enjoy the sunset in a new place every night if you wish. The world is your lobster.

It is a true family team-building adventure. Your campervan will gently improve family relations, cleverly leading you to places where wifi is unavailable. Watch as your children slowly disentangle themselves from cyberspace and re-engage with simple pleasures. Who knew flying a kite on the beach could be so much fun? Who knew mum could surf so well?

You wont have trouble finding it on a campsite, in the car park etc. If you have ever struggled to locate your tent in a sea of green canvas you will recognize the dilemma . Your cheerful van will stand colourful and proud: a welcoming beacon. And ideal if your kids like to wander off for a game with new friends: you’ll be sure they can find you again easily.

Pack light. We include all the pots and pans, cutlery & crockery. You just need to bring your bedding, towels & clothes. So no need to spend the week packing everything you might usually take camping.

Universal appeal. Not surprisingly these lovely vehicles strike a chord with everyone. From toddlers & teenagers; from couples to sprawling families; from one-man-and-his-dog to a girls’ weekend break. Your van is the backdrop to a truly memorable experience, your new best friend, your new screen saver.

Campervans make you popular! Without fully intending to you have become slightly famous. People will watch and wave as you go by. Small children will squeal. Coachloads of tourists will want to take your picture. Your fellow campers will want to chat to you. And other VW Campervans drivers will do the VW wave as you pass on the road. Practise it now! More importantly you will have achieved hero-status with your children who will think that you have booked the best holiday ever. Just be prepared that the joyless drive home in the Mondeo can be a bit of a let down…

Blow away the cobwebs. Our busy lives make it tricky to shoe-horn in any relaxation time at all. Warp-speed living doesn’t do us any favours. Your campervan will encourage you to slow down a gear. I must mention: speed really isn’t their thing. However, the scenic journey itself becomes part of the holiday. Enjoy the huge skies of the west country, do some star-gazing and don’t forget to stop for a cuppa here, there and everywhere. Switch off from the buzz of the internet for a few days. Walk the coastal path. Talk to your family. Return, renewed & revived.

A memorable adventure. So much more than just a regular camping adventure, chances are you won’t forget this holiday in a hurry. You’ll have become a true retro-driving convert. You might have even over-taken a tractor. You’ll have taken lots of photos of your van at the beach, at the campsite, outside that great pub. Maybe not up there with your trip to the Caribbean but you will have returned slightly changed: a calmer, more laid-back version of your former self. And you will never pass a VW Camper on the road again without waving frantically! Trust me.  

So, why hire a van from O'Connors Campers?

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on Wednesday 9th March, 2016
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