Bring your dog along, too!

We encourage our customers to bring their dogs on holiday with them. In this area, there are miles and miles of coastal and moorland walkies to enjoy plus dogs are welcome guests at most pubs, eateries and campsites.

We charge an extra £30 per hire (not per pet – two dogs allowed per hire) if you do decide to bring your dog along we just ask that you bring plenty of dog blankets with you to protect the campervan’s upholstery from sharp claws and muddy paws!

We have listed some useful resources below which provide information about great places to stay and visit with your pet. Our Campsite List includes details of doggy friendly sites. Of course, there are still areas where there are dog restrictions in place and these can change according to the season.


The National Trust has a great selection of downloadable walks covering Devon and Cornwall. Visit their website to take a look at the choice.


We all love taking our dogs to the beach with the family. Just seeing them galloping along the shoreline and digging in the sand is deightful. It’s clear that they love the beach as much as the kids do. During the main holiday season (between Easter and the end of October) some beaches do impose restrictions on dog walking at the more popular locations. It’s useful to know where you will be welcome to avoid doggy disappointment. The links below detail up-to-date information to help you plan your days.

For Cornwall Beaches please follow this link.

For Devon Beaches please follow this link.

When you arrive to collect your campervan we have shady places to park your car, though you are welcome to bring your dog into the office! There is fresh water for thirsty pups (and tea for thirsty owners too), plus a lovely rural, traffic-free dog walk right next to our site.

About Us

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