What's Included with Your Booking

What's included with your booking?

Included within the hire price is your chosen VW Campervan (we have 2,4,5 and 6 berth models available), fully comprehensive insurance for the first driver (additional drivers £4 per day), unlimited mileage, 2 bottles of camping gas, mains hook up lead, cooking equipment, crockery, cutlery and an extra outdoor table and chairs so you can enjoy the sunshine. All you need to bring are towels, bedding, clothes and food.

The van will come full of fuel but you must refill it when you return at the end of your holiday

You can also add extra camping equipment to your van, via your booking online.
View our full list of extras

Need something extra? We can help

Your Campervan is supplied with everything you need for cooking and living on the road, but we can also provide the following extra goodies if you wish:

  • Child Cab Bunk

    We can supply a canvas hammock in your VW Campervan which gives you an extra bed! It hangs over the driver and front passenger seats and is suitable for a child between the ages of 3 and 7. The cost is £12.50 per hire. To see a photo of the child cab bunk click here. Just add child cab bunk to your extras list when you make your booking.

  • Camp Beds

    We can supply you with camp beds at no extra cost. Just add camp beds to your extras list and you will be able to use a maximum of two inside your awning. To see a photo of the camp bed click here.

  • Awnings and Increasing Your Accommodation

    We can supply a drive away awning to hire for £25 each, you can drive up and attach these to your VW Campervan to provide extra storage and living space. They also ensure you can bagsy your favourite pitch at the campsite when you are away. We can also supply, free of charge, an inner tent which hangs inside the awning to create a bedroom area, suitable to sleep two.

  • Roll out Canopy (VW California only)

    This canopy is like a giant roller blind fixed to the side of the campervan and is great for sitting under in light rain or hot sunshine. Simple to use, just wind it out and extend the two legs, easy! Highly recommended and only £25 per hire.

  • Sleeping Bag

    The Yellowstone Sleepwell 300 is a three season extra wide sleeping bag measuring 210cm x 100cm. Cosy for sleeping and compact for storing, it is the perfect solution to voluminous bedding! Just add one via your booking online for £25, it is yours to keep. See a picture of one here.

  • Fast Pitch Tent

    The Yellowstone Fast Pitch tent packs down into a small flat bag and can be useful for extra storage at your campsite or for accommodating a teenager who needs their own space! These tents take just seconds to pitch, open the bag and out they pop. Take a look at a picture of one here, Just £25 and yours to keep.

  • Child and baby Seats

    We have a small selection of child and baby car seats available free of charge. Responsibility lies with you to ensure your children are using the appropriate child car seats/booster seats and seat belts at all times in the van. Read the UK guidelines here.

  • European Travel Charge

    This applies to adventures in our new VW California Campervans only. The pack includes European driving insurance, European roadside assistance, all items legally required to drive on the continent such as warning triangle, spare bulbs, headlight deflectors, reflective vests and an information sheet on driving in Europe. NEW FROM 1st July 2012 includes Alcosense French NF Legal Approved Breathalyzer kit. There are some countries where you cannot travel so please let us know your travel plans before you book.

    The European travel charge is compulsory for travel on the continent. It is £15 per day and can be selected on the extras list via your online reservation.

  • Getting You To Okehampton

    We can arrange for our friendly local taxi to collect you from either Exeter Airport or Exeter Train or Bus Station. If you would like to be collected from somewhere else, please contact us and we will see what we can do. You will need to pay the driver directly.

  • Bespoke Campervan Cookies

    We love the Campervan Cookie Co! This fabulous bakery in Sheffield can make bespoke boxes of campervan cookies, perfect to accompany a surprise hire! Visit their website to order a box and we will make sure they are in your campervan when you arrive.

  • Saturday / Sunday or Out-of-Hours Collection

    If you can't reach us by the last collection time of 4pm or you would prefer to collect on Saturday or Sunday, please get in touch to see if we can arrange for a member of staff to be here to meet you. Please note that there is a £35 fee for this special service in addition to the standard hire charge in order to cover staff wages as our offices are normally closed at these times. Regrettably we cannot give partial refunds for late collections or early returns.

  • Extras

    If you would like more information on any of the above extras, please do contact us, we would love to hear from you on 01837 659599 or hello@oconnorscampers.co.uk.

    Roll-out Canopy (California only)

    Drive Away Awning

    Sleepwell 3 Season Extra Wide Sleeping Bag (210cm x 100 cm) to purchase

    European Travel Charge (California Only) Per Day

    Dogs (max 3)

    Fast Pitch Tent to purchase

    Bike Rack (not available for Battenberg)

    Pillow and Pillowcase to Hire

    Camp Beds
    no charge

    2 Man Bedroom Inner Tent for awning
    no charge

    Adult Camping Chairs
    no charge

    Children's Camping Chair (suitable 3-5yrs)
    no charge

    Child Booster Seat
    no charge

    Child Cab Bunk

    Baby seat
    no charge

    Secure Indoor parking
    no charge

  • Insurance

    Extra Driver
    £4.00 per day

    Points on drivers' license
    £1.00 per day

    Driver below 25 years of age must be over 21 on first day of hire
    £5.00 a day

    Foreign License
    £2.50 a day

    Collision Damage Waiver (Excess £500.00)
    no charge

    Collision Damage Waiver (reducing the excess from £500.00 to £250.00)
    £6.00 a day

    Collision Damage Waiver (reducing the excess from £500.00 to £0.00)
    £12.00 a day

Collecting my van

Collecting my van

Collections take place at our industrial unit in Okehampton near Exeter. Times vary but usually start about 2:30pm with the last collection at 4pm latest. We will contact you a few weeks before collection to arrange a more exact time. If you plan to be in the area earlier in the day do let us know as we might just be able to get your van ready slightly ahead of schedule. Final collections are (strictly) at 4pm. If you can't reach us by this time, do get in touch to arrange a collection the following day.
Out of hours collections (extra £35) can be arranged at weekends with advance notice (3 days minimum), depending on staff availability.
Please remember to bring all of the required documentation including proof of address and driving license for each and every driver.

What do I need to pack?

What do I need to pack?

Our vans are equipped with everything that you will need for life on the road. This includes crockery, cutlery, cooking equipment and an extra outdoor table and chairs. We think we have thought of everything down to Ecover washing up liquid, tea towels, salt and pepper and even some lovely Cornish tea, coffee and sugar to get you started! You only need to bring your own bedding and towels (we can supply sleeping bags and/or pillows as an optional extra), and all the toys and books you think you will need.

You might like to bring along a few useful little home comforts as well, such as kitchen roll, a small bottle of cooking oil, plastic shopping bags for rubbish, cling film, phone charger, baby wipes (for sticky BBQ fingers!), a pack of cards and torches.

We love packing our clothes in soft bags as they can easily squash in anywhere, supermarket long-life bags work well and you can have one each plus one for the laundry!

You can view our full Equipment List from within your booking, online. If you have any queries, please do get in touch.

What paperwork do I need to bring?

What paperwork do I need to bring?

On collection of your campervan you will need to bring
(for each and every driver):

  • Your driving license (showing your current address).
  • Two current forms of address identification (ie bank statement or utility bill) which confirm the address on your driving license.
  • For UK drivers only we will also need to run a DVLA check on your license, for which you will need your National Insurance Number. If you would rather not bring this along you can generate a 'check code' here on the DVLA website.
  • A credit card for the security deposit

We won’t be able to hand over the keys to your campervan without this information so please ensure you have this paperwork organised in advance of your trip.

Those of you eco-warriors who have switched to paper-free billing can email statements from your online accounts, as required.

Places to stay?

Places to stay?

There are a huge variety of campsites to be found, ranging from basic farmer’s field set-ups to all-singing five star holiday parks. Tariffs vary according to the type of campsite, the location and the season.

During low season it is not essential to book campsites in advance. However, during the summer and over Bank Holidays or school holidays it is wise to books ahead as the more popular sites can get very busy. However you can usually find a friendly farm campsite or a smaller site and just rock up last minute. Our Campsite List is a great tool if you have specific destinations in mind or need a bit of inspiration, all of our happy campers’ best recommendations are included!

It is always useful (but not essential) to book a pitch with mains hook-up which will allow the plug socket inside your van to work in the same way as a plug at home. This might be useful for charging phones or plugging in a hairdryer. A mains hook-up pitch will cost you a few extra pounds each night.

Take a look at our great Travel Guides page for plenty of ideas on planning your routes and adventures.

Hire Periods

Hire Periods

You can hire one of our Campervans for a Week, a Midweek Break or a Weekend Break. We can also be more flexible and offer custom breaks during the low season. Do get in touch and we'll see what's possible. Weekly hire: Monday 2.30pm - Monday 10am or Friday 2.30pm - Friday 10am Midweek Break: Monday 2.30pm - Friday 10am Weekend Break: Friday 2.30pm - Monday 10am If you want to hire for longer than a week then please do contact us so we can arrange a bespoke hire period on 01836 659599 or by emailing hello@oconnorscampers.co.uk


  • Do I need mains electricity?

    We recommend it, although all of the campervans work independently without being plugged in to mains electricity.

    There is a domestic 3 pin plug socket in each van that you can use when you are plugged in to the campsite supply. Once hooked up to the mains at your campsite you will be able to use mains devices such as hairdryers, laptop computers and the small mains powered fan heater supplied with the classic vans.

    The VW Californias have an extremely versatile and efficient on board heating system that is fueled from the diesel tank, without the need to be connected to mains electricity. In addition to this, four of our lovely vintage campervans have been equipped with built-in heating: Wolverine, Noddy Windsor, Kissinger and Barbarossa. The heating system on these vans is powered by the on board gas bottle and so no mains hook up is needed. This makes them a lovely retro choice in the colder months when you can pop the heating on at the flick of a switch!

    The van’s battery will recharge as you drive around and all vans have 12v cigarette style sockets for charging mobile phones and ipads etc as you are driving.

  • Which campervan is the right one for my family?

    A van with sleeping capacity inside for each member of your party will be the best choice. If the weather is against you then it is lovely feeling to simply shut the door and settle down together to a cosy berth inside you campervan. We can however also supply a drive away awning to which a hanging bedroom liner can be added. These are suitable for two members of your party and we can supply free camp beds if you decide to go for this option, although we would only recommend this during the warmer months of the year.

    It is important to think about storage space and luggage capacity. Mr Orange and I am Spartacus are both spacious and will sleep six people quite cheerfully. But if you do try to pack six adults and all their luggage into them, the vans may not be quite so happy trundling around the country lanes. They are great for a couple of adults and up to four children though! If you are planning a break for a group of six adults it might be worth thinking about hiring two campervans or taking another car alongside the van.

    Our new VW California’s can travel to most European countries whereas our classic VW Splitscreens and Bay window campers must stay within Devon, Cornwall and Somerset please.

  • Do I need a Drive away Awning?

    We can include a drive away awning for an additional charge of £25. This does take up quite a lot of luggage space in the van if your chosen van does not have a roof rack, so think carefully before you include this in your booking. They give you a lot of extra space and can easily accommodate a table and six chairs and can be sat in during bad weather or cool nights. You can also store all of your possessions in it at night when sleeping in the van and some non-valuables, such as bedding and toys could be left in them in the daytime when you are out and about.

    The only downside is that they can take up to an hour to put up and take down, although you will certainly speed up with practise! For this reason we only recommend them if you are staying at least 2-3 nights in one location. The roll out awnings are a brilliant option for the VW Californias, being quick and simple to set up and making an ideal outdoor seating space.

  • How old do I need to be to drive one of your Campervans?

    You can drive one of our vans if you are between 21 and 70 years old. We can also pass insurance for drivers over 70 subject to an increased excess. If you fall into this age bracket and you are keen to hire, do get in touch. If you are lucky enough to be at the younger end of this scale then you will need to have held a full, clean UK license for more than two years. Read more about this here.

  • I have points on my license. Will I still be able to hire?

    You can have up to six points as long as it is split between two offences on your license. If you are concerned about any other endorsements or if you have had more than two accidents in the past three years do get in touch & we can often help.

  • What are your Collection times?

    Zoe will be in touch about your collection slot before your hire commences. Slots are usually between 2.30pm and 4pm latest. Please do try to reach us at your allocated time, as it takes some time to introduce you to your van, and show you how it all works.

    If you are due to be in the area early on your collection day, do let us know. We might just have your van ready slightly sooner than planned. Equally, if it is likely that you will be later than your allocated collection slot, please be aware that we have a 4.00pm cut-off point.

  • Where do I collect the van?

    Campervans are collected from our workshop in Okehampton, in Devon. On arrival, we will complete your paperwork and introduce you to your van. We can also store your car here for the duration of your hire. There is plenty of space for parking inside the workshop. Your van needs to be returned to our workshop at the end of the hire. If you are planning to use public transport to reach us, please click here for more details.

  • Can I book by phone?

    Yes please do call us on 01837 659599 and we can set your booking up by phone. You will need to visit your booking later online to upload your driver information before collection and to choose any extras required for your trip. We will send you a confirmation email which will contain details of how to login to your booking.

  • Do you sell gift vouchers?

    We can arrange vouchers for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or just as a great surprise for your partner, loved one or dog. A weekend’s hire is a very popular gift. Just contact us on 01837 659599 or hello@oconnorscampers.co.uk to discuss your voucher. Vouchers ordered by 12 noon, any week day, can be posted (1st Class) the same day.

  • Are the Classic vans easy to Drive?

    The classic vans are certainly different to drive than your modern car which is part of their enduring appeal. We will give you clear instruction and advice on driving technique and can even take you for a quick lesson if you require. After a few miles most people start to find the driving of a classic campervan rather rewarding and very much a part of your holiday. Just slow down and relax…

  • Do you have any Campsites that you recommend?

    Check out our campsite list here which has been created by gathering together the experiences of 15 years of feedback from customers. It is a fantastic resource and just keeps getting better! Those in green are open all year round and many of them recognise our campervans by name.

    We would advise that you book your campsites in advance during the peak season and school holidays, particularly if you would like electric hook up.

  • What about seat belts and Baby seats?

    We ask that you only carry as many people in the van as there are seatbelts and that you use suitable car seats/booster seats for the children in your party. Please see: www.childcarseats.org.uk to get an understanding of the law in this area.

  • Planning my Route and the last Evening?

    Your campervan will be due back by 10am on the last day of your hire. This allows us time to service and check the campervan ready for the next customers. We provide a list of super places to camp nearby in order to avoid a last minute dash back to the workshop, as this generally isn’t a great end to your holiday! A base close by will ensure a leisurely breakfast and a relaxing final leg of your journey.

    These sites can also be used as a base for your first night. If you arrive to collect your van later than planned, use a campsite near us for your first night. You can be settled and cooking your first meal on Dartmoor before the sun goes down rather than struggling with your awning in the dark after driving to Penzance! Campervan life is all about slowing down and taking it easy after all.

    If you would like to return your van earlier than planned please let us know when you collect your van. You can often drop it back on a Sunday at any time if you are happy to leave your own car parked in the parking area outside our workshop. If you take advantage of this option it will not mean a pro rata reduction in your hire charge and the van will still be your responsibility until we check it back in the next morning.

  • How do I keep warm in a Campervan?

    The VW Californias have an extremely versatile and efficient on board heating system that is fueled from the diesel tank, without the need to be connected to mains electricity, wonderful to stay toasty anywhere!

    Four of our lovely vintage VW campervans have been fitted with built-in heating: Wolverine, Noddy Windsor, Kissinger and Barbarossa. The heating system on these vans is powered by the on board gas bottle and so no mains hook up is needed. This makes them a lovely retro choice in the colder months when you can pop the heating on at the flick of a switch.

    All of our classic campers vans come supplied with Mains powered 240v fan heaters. In order to use these you must be plugged into the campsites’ mains electricity supply, just ask for an electrical hook up when you book your pitch.

    We do not recommend heating is left on overnight.

  • Are your campervans non-smoking?

    Yes all campervans are strictly non-smoking.

  • How can I reach Okehampton?

    We are very happy to arrange for you to be collected from Exeter, Plymouth or Newquay by our friendly local taxi, you will need to pay the driver direct. If you are driving your own car, you can leave it at our workshop, parked inside free of charge, just select this option at checkout. Please do contact us for details of public transport such as bus services, we can pick you up from the bus stop in the town centre, just two minutes away if you wish! Find directions here.

About Us

About Us

O’Connors Campers is a full-time, busy holiday company on the edge of glorious Dartmoor. We are a team of VW enthusiasts who are dedicated to making your campervan holiday one to remember. We’ve been hiring out VW campervans for holidays since 2002 so we have quite a wealth of experience to offer. We’ve welcomed over 8,000 families so we know which ingredients make a successful campervan trip! You can find all sorts of information about where to go and what to do with your van on our website and we are always happy to discuss any extra details, as required. Do get in touch and we we’ll be happy to help or if you are in the area stop by for a friendly cuppa and look at the vans!

Steve is our fleet manager. He’s devoted most of his life to fiddling with VWs and spends his time keeping our Classic Campervans in tip-top condition. Steve has his own 1966 Beetle which is often parked outside, as well as his 1967 Fiat 500 Luigi. He’ll be here in the workshop when you collect your van and is always available for a chat about anything VW.

Melissa has worked with our vans for over 10 years and she knows them inside-out. She makes sure all the widgets are working inside your van before you set off and will equip your van according to your requirements. She’ll take great care showing you around your chosen camper and answering any questions you might have before you set off.

Zoe looks after all our customers and their bookings, so if you have a question about your reservation she’s the one to ask! She’ll support you throughout your booking process and be here to welcome you when you arrive.

Carl gets everywhere and is usually seen with a cuppa (he’s a bit obsessed). He is an expert welder and just loves a campervan restoration. He’ll be busy with bodywork repairs over the winter and in the summer he’s here to introduce you to your camper on collection day! So if you need some help when you arrive (or just a cuppa) ask for Carl!

Penny is in charge of marketing and gets to introduce some pretty famous celebs such as Mary Berry to our campervans!

Roy Stride from Scouting for Girls wrote a special campervan song (The VW Campervan Summer Song) after holidaying in one of our vans . She also spent several weeks opposite Lisa Faulkner filming a series called Holiday Home Sweet Home for ITV that showcased our gorgeous vans around the world, we still get Aussies calling up to book one of our campers!

One of her favourite memories is when Visit England called up and asked if Rosie our campervan could follow the Olympic Flame around Britain for 12 weeks!

“The best thing was meeting Wallace and Gromit and the big red carpet party thrown for Rosie the campervan at the end of her trip. It was held inside The Tower of London, and Rosie was the first, and only campervan ever to drive through those famous gates!!

During the Summer months we have a cheerful team of local young people who are enthusiastic and help us to clean and show n’ tell our lovely fleet. They know them all by name and love nothing better than to head off for a sneaky weekend in one when they can!

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