What you need to provide

You'll need the following

In advance of collection you will be asked to provide:
(for each and every driver):

  • Your driving license (showing your current address).
  • Two current forms of address identification (ie bank statement or utility bill) which confirm the address on your driving license.
    We accept .PDF and online versions.
  • For UK drivers only we will also need to run a DVLA check on your license, for which you will need your National Insurance Number. If you would rather not provide this then you can generate a 'check code' on the DVLA website
  • A credit or debit card for the security deposit

We won’t be able to hand over the keys to your campervan without this information so please ensure you have this paperwork organised in advance of your trip.

Those of you eco-warriors who have switched to paper-free billing we accept online versions and .PDF’s.

Other useful information